The Sacraments

The Holy Eucharist

The Sacrament of Matrimony
The Anointing of the sick

The Sacraments of Holy Orders


Infant Baptism
Baptism: Immersion Only?
"A friend of mine was baptized a Catholic as an infant, then rebaptized when her family became Baptists. What does rebaptism do, if anything?"
"Someone said that in an emergency a person desiring baptism could be baptized with soda, juice, or even urine. Is this true?"
Children of God'
Baptismal Grace
Born Again in Baptism
Are Catholics Born Again?
The Necessity of Baptism
The Fate of Unbaptized Infants In Light of the Universal Necessity of Baptism By Mike Malone
Trinitarian Baptism
Is Baptism Necessary for Salvation?
What Is the Role of Godparents?

The Holy Eucharist

Church documents and rite
Regarding the Reception of the Holy Eucharist From the Sacred Congregation for Divine Worship, Instruction Memoriale Domini, on the manner of giving communion, it's a little deep, but well worth the effort.
Rite of Eucharistic Devotion This is the quick rundown on how this wonderful rite is performed.
>The Eucharist - A short explanation
Christ in the Eucharist Catholic Answers
The Real Presence of Our Lord in the Holy Eucharist- Early Christians in the Bible believed in it
BIble proves real presence of Christ in eucharist By Rev. Daniel Maher
The Real Presence
Real Presence2
Institution of the mass
Adoration, Eucharistic Hardon The History of Eucharistic Adoration
The Eucharist: The Lord's Supper- TransubstantiationCatholic Biblical Apologetics
Just What is the Mass Anyway?BEGGAR KING Homepage
The Sacrifice of the Mass
Is there a New Mass?(papal doc.)
Why Was the Mass Changed?(papal doc.)
The Body of Christ
Who Can Receive Communion?
The status of "Environment and Art in Catholic Worship"
ZAP! Your church is renovated! SLAM! Your parish is closed! av Duane GallesEWTN
Why Do We Offer Mass for the Dead?
Masses for the Dead
Gestures at Mass
TRANSUBSTANTIATION In December of 1903, the American Ecclesiastical Review published a paper by W. R. Carson entitled "The Antiquity of the Doctrine of Transubstantiation". It is good to know that the historical origins of the Catholic explanation of the Real Presence pre-date the journal by nearly two millennia; Petersnet
Communion in the Hand?Catholic-pages
How to Receive the Eucharist by REV. ADRIAN J. PARCHER, O.S.B Catholic Educator's Resource Center
Explanation of the MassSt. Lawrence Roman Catholic Site
FAQ regarding the Eucharist
"If we eat only the accidents (appearances), how do we eat Christ, who said unless we eat his flesh and drink his blood (substances), we will not have life?"
"When I read John 6 it seems obvious to me that Jesus was speaking of 'eating his flesh and drinking his blood' in a purely symbolic way."
"How can Catholics say Christ does not die again on the altar when the Council of Trent states that he is immolated in the Mass?"
"Does the Catholic Church accept other theologies of the Eucharist besides transubstantiation?"
"I know of a priest who, during the consecration, used to say 'This is our bread of life' instead of 'This is my body.' Was this valid? What if the priest makes only minor variations in the words? How much must be there for the consecration to be valid?"
"What is the Eucharistic 'sacrifice'? And when Jesus said, 'Do this in memory of me,' what was 'this'?"
"Why do Catholics kneel at Mass?"
"Are lay people now allowed to give homilies?"
"At Mass, are the people supposed to say the Per Ipsum ('Through him, with him, in him . . .') along with the priest?"
"In the Latin Mass, which is the correct translation for 'pro multis': 'for many' or 'for all'?"
"Are little children required to go to Mass on Sunday?"
Eucharistic links
The Early Christians Believed in the Real Presence
Quotations on the Holy Eucharist
Eucharistic Index - The Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist
References to Eucharist-in the Bible
Writings of the Church Fathers/Doctors/SaintsSt. Pachomius Library
References to Blood_of_Christ
EWTN: The Eucharist - articles on the Eucharist in Scripture
Eucharistic Adoration
Starting Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration in your Parish
Eucharistic Adoration Documents, Writings, Articles
 Eucharistic Miracles


The Forgiveness of Sins
Myths about Indulgences
Doing Penance
Myths About Indulgences
A Primer on Indulgences
"Isn't confession to a priest an option? If you're sincerely sorry for your sins and confess them in your own heart, aren't you already forgiven?"
"Why do Catholics say that the power to forgive sins has been given only to priests?"
"Does the Catholic Church still sell indulgences?"
"Is it true that the sacraments of forgiveness might soon be administered by deacons and laymen?"
Making a Good Confession
A Guide to Confession Been away from the confessional for a while? This handy guide, tailored to adults, will help you make a good confession. By the way, it can be printed out and shared with your friends; Father Peffley
An Examination of Conscience for Children Perfect for children, this guide helps them to uncover their sins;  Father Peffley
A Scriptural Guide to Confession Written by Rev. H. T. Burke, this guide to confession is for those who want to know where in the bible all the details can be found; Father Peffley
How to Receive the Sacrament of Penance St. Lawrence Roman Catholic Site
Examination of Conscience St. Lawrence Roman Catholic Site


>What is the Role of Godparents?

The Sacrament of Matrimony

"What does Jesus mean in Matthew 19:9 when he forbids divorce and remarriage on all grounds 'except for unchastity'?"
"When a Catholic marries a non-Catholic, does the non-Catholic have to promise to raise their children in the Catholic faith?"
"What is the Pauline Privilege, and how does it differ from an annulment?"
"Are non-Catholic marriages valid in the eyes of the Catholic Church? What if a Catholic marries a non-Catholic?"
Birth Control
Contraception and Sterilization
The Permanence of Matrimony
Contraception:Fatal to the Faith
Pre-marital Sex: Lessons from Reason, Scripture
Are Oral Sex and Phone Sex Wrong?
Marriage/Family Articles of interest to all those who have been called to the vocation of married life Topics include items such as a scriptural guide to marriage, why contraception is wrong, the indissolubility of marriage, the secret to matrimony, and much more.
Actions for a Better Christian Marriage Based on the "C"s of marriage, this collection (PDF). In order to view PDF   documents
A Way to Understand Why Contraception is Wrong A very good article by Rev. Eric James Albertson clearly written about the evils of contraception.

The Anointing of the Sick

"Is it true that deacons will soon be allowed to anoint the sick?"
Anointing of the Sick

The Sacrament of Holy Orders

Bishop, Priest, Deacon
On Roman Catholic Priesthood
The Priesthood Debate
The Priesthood Debate2
Celibacy of the Clergy
Celibacy isn't the problem (Card. O'Connor)
Celibacy And The Priesthood
The Consecration of a VirginEWTN
On the Movie "Priest"
The Office of New Testament Priest
Anglican Orders (Papal doc.)
"Why do Catholics cling so tightly to the tradition of apostolic succession when there's no biblical support for it?"
"The New Testament mentions only bishops, preists, and deacons. So how can the Catholic Church justify its office of 'priest'?"
"What is laicization?"
"The Bible says that Timothy was ordained by priests. Doesn't that contradict Catholic teaching that only a bishop can confer Holy Orders?"
Bishop, Priest, Deacon
Calling Priests "Father"
Women and the Priesthood
On The Ordination of Women
The Church's Infallible Teaching on Women's Ordination
Women's Ordination:A Sacrament, Not a 'Right'
Women's Ordination:Politics or Theology?
Ordinatio Sacerdotalis: A definition ex cathedra PetersNet  
The Diaconate
Female Deacons?
The Married Catholic Priests (Saunders)
Why Do Priests Always Wear Black?
TRAINING CANDIDATES FOR THE PRIESTHOOD At an international conference of 70 seminary rectors at the American College of Louvain, Cardinal Godfried Danneels

The Pope - Apostolic succession

The Hierarchy - our page
The List of Popes
Apostolic Succession
Apostolic Tradition
"The Church of the Apostles" by K. D. Whitehead EWTN
The Primacy of Peter
Peter the Rock
Was Peter in Rome?
Peter's Successors
The Authority of the Pope (Part I)
The Authority of the Pope (Part II)
College of Cardinals
What Is a Cardinal?
The Papacy
The Papacy2
Apostolic succession
Papal Infallibility
Peter And The Papacy
Was Peter In Rome?
"What is the story of Joan of Arc, and does it make a dent in infallibility?"
"Is it true that the Greek Orthodox Church believes in infallibility, but not in the Catholic sense?"
"Papal infallibility can't be true because Pope Zozimus pronounced Pelagius to be orthodox and later reversed himself. What do you have to say to that?"
"Isn't it Christ, rather than Peter, who holds the key of David?"
"Is it true that Pope Gregory I denied that the pope is the 'universal bishop' and taught that the Bishop of Rome has no authority over any other bishop?"
"How can you say Peter had supreme authority when he referred to himself as only the 'fellow elder' (1 Pet. 5:1) of other Church leaders?"

Sacramentals etc.

The Sacramentals
Talks on the Sacramentals (Long)
The Sign of the Cross
A Simple Exorcism for Priests or Laity
AlaPadre Catholic Corner : Exorcism
THE POWER OF HOLY WATER (and a simple exorcism prayer for priests or laity) From the Autobiography of St. Teresa of Avila , Chapter 31. 1562 A.D.
Sign of the Cross and Prayer to St. Michael - with interlinear in English
IndulgencesNew Advent
"Is there any biblical basis for the Catholic use of holy water?"
"What about the claim that the brown scapular is the 'assurance of salvation'?"
The Church's Teaching on Cremation
Associated Catholic Cemeteries
Associated Catholic Cemeteries Sites of Interest

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