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I still work on update dead links, and 404, some links have no access due to thats is .edu or subscriptions links so I have to try to find the articles or informations diffrent ways. Wikipedia is in this causes the olny free surce, soI ask you to support Wikipedia with a voluntary contribution so that they can continue their good work.

The links how is OK have brownyellow background and the other have a green background, this is a work in progress that you can see down under.

I will also try to update the diffrent main headings with new links from diffrent religues sites like Vatican, EWTN, New Advent, Catholic Answers, e.t.c..

Follow is now compleat updated [Saint Michael Archangle], [Faith & Teaching], [Sources & Documents], [Ethics & Morals], [[Spirituality] (Saints) and (Angels & Demons)], [Liturgy], [Apologetics], [Ecumenism & Religion], [Spirituality] [Libraries, Bookshps,Clip-art] [Culture & History] next to do [Links]

New Articles & Resources

Universalis Links to others sites. The World Community for Christian Meditation

Female Altar Servers a Zenit daily dispatch female altar servers Rome, 3 feb. 2004 (Zenit).EWTN

‘This is God’s Style’: Pope Francis’ conversation with Hungarian Jesuits
by Antonio Spadaro, SJ, May 9 2023

Why the death of Fr. Gabriel Amorth is such a loss for the Church

New Vatican document tightens restrictions on traditional liturgyIn a document released December 18, the Congregation for Divine Worship (CDW) has tightened restrictions on the use of the traditional Latin Mass, and banned the use of traditional rituals for Confirmation and Ordination.

Traditionis custodes On the Use of the Roman Liturgy Prior to the Reform of 1970. Apostolic letter issued "Motu proprio" by the Supreme Pontiff Francis

50 Mary Trivia Questions, Answers, and Fun Facts Fun Triva

Converts, Conversion Links to Artikles and Home Sites Catolic Now page


St. Mary's Catholic Church of Piscataway Clinton, MD
Home Page

St. Mary's Catholic Church of Piscataway Religious Education

St Peter & Paul Ukranian Catholic CathedralAustralia, New Zealand & Oceania

The Catholic Concordance by Dr Kania Nov 9 2016

Catholic Encyclopedia Explore our Catholic Encyclopedia online to expand your knowledge of the Catholic faith, history, action, doctrine, interests and more. Catolic Answers

THE MADABA MAP The mosaic map of Madaba from the second half of the 6th century is one of the most important archaeological finds in Western Asia and one of the oldest evidence of ancient cartography. It was discovered at the end of the 19th century during the construction of St George's Church on the foundations of a Byzantine church.

The Uniqueness of Christianity by Peter Kreeft

What Does Messiah Mean in Jewish & Christian Traditions? By Doug Hershey

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