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Interfaith Etiquette Guide A service of the Interfaith Affiliate of the Worcester County Ecumenical Council.
Ecumenical News International
World Council of Churches
Ecumenical Email Directory of Organizations
Ecumenical Concerns From the United Church of Christ, including such items as the full text of the proposed "Formula of Agreement," an historic plan for full communion between Lutheran and Reformed churches in the U.S.
ECUDOCS The on-line ecumenical documents library, a service of the schools of the Boston Theological Institute.
Taize Taizé, an ecumenical, monastic community situated in France. On these pages you will discover aspects of its life and work - find information concerning the "Pilgrimage of Trust on the Earth" - Music from Taizé with audio samples - a biblical meditation called the "Johannine Hours" - the possibility to share your prayer - and lots more...
Order of Ecumenical Franciscans Gives you email addresses to contact for information.
University of Tübingen Institute for Ecumenical Research
International Association for Religious Freedom The International Association for Religious Freedom (IARF) is the oldest international interfaith organization (founded in 1900) with many member groups in 25 countries. The IARF welcomes into membership anyone commited to the fundamental right of religious freedom and to openness, understanding, compassion, and solidarity among persons of different religious traditions.
Institute for Interreligious, Intercultural Dialogue Promotes dialogue among individuals and groups of different religions and cultures, focusing especially on scholars, professionals, and institutional & business leaders.
Religions Working Together for a Better World
World Scripture: An Anthology of Sacred Texts
United Communities of Spirit
Orthodox Adult Education In The Ecumenical Context Paper by Fr. John Daly
Spiritual Growth Network of Kentucky An ecumenical interfaith group whose members are empowered to pursue their respective spiritual journeys without regard to background, race, gender, age, nationality, religion, or financial status.
ECULAUGH Good clean religious humor as contributed on Ecunet.
The Ecumenical Order of Charity A religious order dedicated to inclusiveness, ecumenism and charitible service in the name of Christ. We do not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, age, creed, national origin, HIV status, or sexual orientation.
Sphaira An ecumenical organization dedicated to the unification of all people into one Christian family by spreading Christ's message through rational discourse.
Recent Efforts for Unity Between the Two Families of the Orthodox Church
Ecumenism From the 34th General Congregation of the Society of Jesus.
Saint Joseph's Workshop Roman Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant: Christian Apologetic & Ecumenical Links and Information.
Interfaith Etiquette Guide A service of the Interfaith Affiliate of the Worcester County Ecumenical Council.
One body Ministries
Christian and Catholic A directory of Christian (and Catholic) resources


Vatican II: Decree on Ecumenism
John Paul II: Ut Unum Sint (1995) That All May Be One
1995 apostolic letter of Pope John Paul II for the Fourth Centenary of the Union of Brest
Vatican II Called Catholics to Active Role in Ecumenism Reflection by Pope John Paul II in January 1996.
Directory for the Application of Principles and Norms on Ecumenism 1993 document by the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity
Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity
Pope Pius XI: Mortalium Animos (1928) On Religious Unity
Pope John XXIII: Ad Petri Cathedram (1959) On Truth, Unity and Peace Articles 59-96 on Christian unity.
Ecumenism Ecumenical commission of the Canadian Catholic Bishops.
A message from the Anglican-Roman Catholic Bishops' Dialogue to the clergy and people of the Roman Catholic and Anglican Churches in Canada
Letter to the Catholic people of New Zealand concerning membership of a new ecumenical body
Common Declaration Signed by Pope John Paul II and Patriarch Bartholomew I in 1995
Common Declaration signed by Pope John Paul II and Armenian Catholicicos Karekin I in 1996
Message of Pope John Paul II to the Cuban Council of Churches, Havana, January 1998
Covenant Between The Diocese of Charlotte and the Diocese of Raleigh -- Roman Catholic Church and The Synod of North Carolina -- Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.


St.Maximus Society
Metropolitan Sheptytsky Institute of Eastern Christian Studies
Orthodox Adult Education In The Ecumenical Context Paper by Fr. John Daly

Millenarism & fundamentalism

Recycled RaptureMany of LaHaye's and Jenkins' major plot elements and characters in "Left Behind" can be found in a book written over thirty years ago.Petersnet
Left Behind's and LaHaye's Masonic ConnectionsThe Left Behind movie's production date and release dates running simultaneously with the top four Satanic holidays.Barbara Aho
Why is the Luciferian Freemasonry Knights' Templar symbol on Tim LaHaye's book?Endtime Ministries - Christian Resource Centre


Justification by Faith Alone? Internet Debate
Eucharist Debate
Sola Scriptura Debate
The Authority Debate


Ex-Anglican Bishop Tells Why He Became a Catholic ZENIT 2001-11-06
"Spirit of Assisi" Needed More Than Ever, Muslim Theologian Says ZENIT 2001-10-31
Christian Unity
Protestants and Catholics Together
The Protestant Reformation
Harmony amongst Believers Joost Drost, S.J., Indonesia. Article in Promotio Justitiae.
Religion in a new key: Global perspectives and encounters challenging the study of religions 1996 article by Ursula King in the South African journal "Religion & Theology."
Unity of the Church: A Necessity, Not an Option A 1996 sermon preached at a Protestant Service by Bishop John Boles, auxiliary of the Archdiocese of Boston.
Jacques Dupuis, SJ: Religious Plurality and the Christological Debate
The Ecumenical Thought of Reinhold Neibuhr Article by Robert Ayers in the Union Seminary Quarterly Review.
All Economics Is Local Article in Sojourners magazine by Joe Nangle, O.F.M. "Ecumenism will happen not so much as a result of doctrinal discussions, but through real-life activities on behalf of a suffering world."
World Scripture and Education for Peace Essay by Andrew Wilson, Ph.D.


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