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Starting Out As An Apologist
How To Deal With Differences
12 Painless Ways to Evangelize
"I don't feel comfortable working in apologetics because I don't have a theology degree. Any suggestions?"
"I'm interested in having a debate with some anti-Catholics. Any suggestions?"
"Where can I get apologetics materials in Spanish?"
"Which is more important for an apologist, holiness or knowledge?"
"Where can I find a good school of apologetics?"
"Although I know what the Church teaches, I have no idea where to go to find out when and where the Church officially defined all of its teachings. Can you recommend anything?"
"Is is true that the new universal catechism is for clergy, not lay people?"
"I'm tired of all of this theological stuff. Why can't we have the simple gospel of Jesus?"
"I can't believe anything religion teaches. I consider myself a rational person. If I can't see it, then I don't believe it."
"Doesn't the fact that religions contradict each other imply that they are all wrong?"
"Since there are so many religions in the world, the odds of picking the right one are very low. Shouldn't I just be an agnostic?"
"Hard Time, Hard Questions" by Rick Culp and Tom Meagher

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The holy bible

Canon, Translations, Interpretations

Is the Bible Inspired?
Proving Inspiration
What's Your redity For That?
Defending the Deuterocanonicals
The Old Testament Canon
The Old Testament Canon 2
Divino Afflante Spiritu (Papal doc.)
The Court of God
The God of Israel
The Religion of Israel
The Jesus Seminar
How to Choose a Bible Version
Bad Translations in the King James Version
The King James Version (review & critique)
Douay Bible
Deuterocanonical References in the New Testament
Canon of the Old Testament
Canon of the New Testament
Codex Alexandrinus
"Should the Bible be taken literally or symbolically?"
"Is it true that the Council of Trent added the seven deuterocanonical books?"
"How can I defend the book of Judith against Fundamentalist attacks which charge it with historical accuracies?"
"How was the Bible broken up into verses?"
"Is the Collegeville Bible Commentary a good Scripture commentary?"
"How do you explain Jesus' statement that David 'entered the house of God when Abiathar was high priest' when in fact Ahimelech occupied that office at that time?"
"I read a book by a Scripture scholar who said the Bible is inerrant only in religious matters that pertain to our salvation. He quoted Vatican II as the source of this 'limited inerrancy' doctrine."
"Jeremiah says that Judah would be taken into captivity for 70 years. Didn't the captivity last only 47 years?"
"The Bible says that the sun was made to stand still, but ancient Chinese astronomical records nowhere mention the sun doing this. Isn't this evidence that the biblical accounts are incorrect?"
"In the Bible, one passage says that Solomon had 4,000 horse stalls and another passage says that he had 40,000. What should I make of this?"
"Does the ark of the covenant still exist somewhere?"
"What exactly is an ark, anyway?"
"I heard that someone discovered a 'secret Gospel of Mark'; is there any truth to this?
The Credibility of the Gospels
The History of the Canon of Sacred Scripture
Inclusive Language
The Book of Revelation

Sola Scriptura & Tradition

The Bible Alone?
Tradition, Bible, Or Both?
"Oral Tradition in the New Testament" by David Palm
Protestants and Sola Scriptura
Inspiration, Tradition, and Scripture
Practical Problems of Sola Scriptura
Two Canons: Scripture and Tradition
What is the Gospel ?
Sola Scriptura and Private Judgment
"If Jesus didn't believe the Bible was the sole rule of faith, why did he quote it in disputes?"
"The Church says that Tradition doesn't change, but when I look at all of the changes in the past few years, it seems to me that it does. Explain this to me."
"Doesn't Revelation 22 render the Catholic doctrine of Tradition unviable?"
Apostolic Tradition

Faith & science

Dogmatic Darwinism by Michael Behe  - CERC
Darwin Under the Microscope Michael J. Behe  - CERC
Teach Evolution - And Ask Hard Questions by Michael J. Behe  - CERC
The Quarrel the Evolutionists Started by Janine Langan  - CERC
The Pope and the Apes by George Sim Johnston  - CERC

The Genesis Controversy by George Sim Johnston  - CERC

Why Catholics Like Einstein by George Sim Johnston -  CERC
Science  - CERC

Reformation & protestantism


The Marks Of Christ's Church

Sola fide & salvation

Are We Assured of Salvation?
No Assurance For Salvation
Grace: What It Is, What It Does
The Case Of The Sinning Minister
Good Faith
Controversies on Grace
Faith and Revealed Truth
Faith and Private Judgment (Newman)
The Catholic Teaching on Justification
Justification in James 2
Justification by Christ Alone
Justification by Grace Alone
Justification by Faith Alone
Can a True Christian Lose Salvation ?
Salvation: Past, Present, Future
Temporal and Eternal Salvation
Paul and the Law
The Works of the Law
Resisting and Cooperating with God
Doing Penance
Jewish and Christian Boasting in Romans
The Justifications of Abraham
The Unforgivable Sin
"Where do unbaptized babies go when they die?"
"What is semi-Pelagianism? And are Catholics semi-Pelagians, as some Protestants maintain?"
The Salvation of Non-Catholics
Merit and Reward

Other denominations

British Israelism

The "Lost Tribes"of Israel


God in Three Persons
Trinitarian Baptism

The Seventh Day Adventists

Seventh-day Wondering
What Biblical redity is there, if any, to change the Sabbath from the Seventh day of the week to the First day of the week?
"Some Seventh-Day Adventists claim that the letters in one of the pope's titles add up to 666--the 'number of the beast' spoken of in Revelation 13. Is this true?"
Seventh-Day Adventism
Sabbath or Sunday?


A Tiptoe Through TULIP - On Calvinism/Predestination Judge Rutherford
The "Lost Tribes" Of Herbert W. Armstrong
"Are Anglican priests really priests? Can they consecrate the Eucharist and grant absolution?"
"Who are the Christadelphians and what do they believe?"
"Christadelphians claim that many people will never be awakened from death. How can this be refuted?"
"Some Church of Christ members argue that theirs must be the true church, since it has a biblical name. Are they right?"
"Is there still a sacrificial Jewish priesthood today? Is it Levitical?"
On Protestants Changing the Dictionary
"Evangelicals Who Journey East" by Fr. Ray Ryland
Facts & Misconceptions - CERC


Eastern Orthodoxy

Eastern Orthodoxy
A Response to Orthodox Critiques of Catholic ApostolicityDave Armstrong


Pillar Of Fire / Pillar Of Truth
Anti-Catholic Whoppers
How to Become a Catholic
"Does Being Catholic Make a Difference?" by Fr. Ray Ryland
The Necessity of Being Catholic
McBrien's 'Catholicism' (Bishops' doc.)
"Doctrines of Demons"?
"Are there any Catholic legal defense organizations to protect the civil and ecclesial rights of Catholics?"
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About the Catholic Church
Eastern Orthodoxy
Exposing "Catholicism: Crisis of Faith"
Great Heresies
The Galileo Controversy
What Catholic Means
The Anti-Catholic Bible
Catholic "Inventions"
More "Inventions"
Is Catholicism Pagan?
Exposing "Catholicism: Crisis of Faith"
The Vocation of the Theologian
Joint Declaration on Christology
Relations with Catholic Church

Miscellany on the Catholic Faith

Dogmatic Facts
Transferring From One Rite to Another
Can Dogma Develop?
Ash Wednesday (FAQ)
Lent (FAQ)
St. Patrick's Confession
"Do sacraments work even if not understood by the one receiving them?"
"Can you offer any biblical justification for the Church's former teaching that it's sinful to eat meat on Fridays?"
"What do the letters 'IHS' stand for?"
"Who was Felix Culpa?"
"What are the criteria used in naming a church a basilica?"
Good Friday
Devotion to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary
Doctrinal Foundation of Devotion to the SacredHeart of Jesus
The Inquisition
The Sacraments
Indulgences: How They Work
The Galileo Controversy
The Galileo Affair by George Sim Johnston  - CERC
The Myth of the Spanish Inquisition by Ellen Rice - CERC
Crusades: Truth and Black Legend by Vittorio Messori  - CERC


How to Dismiss Any Catholic Argument
What is Fundamentalism?
Fundamentalist or Catholic?
How To Talk With Fundamentalists
Introduction to the Lefebvrist schism Father Roberts Answers Fundamentalists


"Sister Hell" by Terrye Newkirk
Dissent in the Church
A letter from Fr. Paul Marx, OSB
Special Report 143 WARNING! New Danger Aims at the Heart of the Church!
Special Report 145 The Church Militant Strikes Back!
RENEW 2000? The Wanderer recently published a two-part series on the Paulists' RENEW 2000 program which is being used by many parishes in an effort to spiritually prepare for the Great Jubilee. Beware: The program seems to be yet another avenue for dissidents to reshape the Church. See also on the same subject
Part II—Paulists' RENEW 2000 Is Just A Front For Call To Action
Critique of Renew 2000 Leader's Manual

Persecution of Catholics

Persecution of Catholics During the Reformation
The Protestant Inquisition ("Reformation" Intolerance and Persecution)
Persecution of Catholics by Communists/Aetheists
The Page of the Martyrs -martyrs of our times fron the whole world
Persecution of Christians Catholic Educator's Resource Center
Their Blood Cries Out: The Untold Story of Persecution Against Christians in the Modern World by MICHAEL HOROWITZ Catholic Educator's Resource Center
Their Blood Cries Out: The Untold Story of Persecution Against Christians in the Modern World by PAUL MARSHALL & LELA GILBERT  Catholic Educator's Resource Center
Terror Against the Church - "Christians are the most persecuted religious group in the world today and that persecution is intensifying" - by NINA SHEA Catholic Educator's Resource Center
The Protestant Inquisition "Reformation" Intolerance and Persecution


Converts to the Catholic faith

The Catholic Converts' Connection
At the Gate of Bliss Catholic Converts Information Page
Converts to the Church
Henry Cardinal Newman
The Theology of TS Eliot Eliot turned to Christianity in 1927. Specifically, he rejected the Unitarianism of his upbringing, and embraced Anglo-Catholicism, in a public and controversial conversion. He wrote his best-known conversion poem, Ash Wednesdaythe following year. Johan Bergström-Allen
T.S. Eliot As a critic also, he had an enormous impact on contemporary literary taste, propounding views that, after his conversion to orthodox Christianity in the late thirties, were increasingly based in social and religious conservatism.  The Academy of American Poets
G. K. Chesterton
The catholic church and conversion by G. K. Chesterton
G.K.Chesterton (1874-1936)  In 1922 Chesterton was converted from Anglicanism to Roman Catholicism, and thereafter he wrote several theologically oriented works, including lives of Francis of Assisi and Thomas Aquinas Books and Writers
G.K. Chesterton: Champion of Orthodoxy Chesterton influenced the conversion of Evelyn Waugh and inspired, at least in part, the original conception of Brideshead Revisited. He indirectly influenced the conversion of Graham Greene following discussions with his future wife who had previously converted through the avid reading of Chesterton's books. He had nurtured to full recovery the ailing faith of both Ronald Knox and Dorothy L. Sayers during periods of adolescent doubt. C.S. Lewis owed his own conversion to Christianity in large part to Chesterton  Catholic Educators
G.K. Chesterton's Conversion Story (ed. Dave Armstrong) 
Graham Greene (1904-1991)  In 1926 he converted to Roman Catholicism, later explaining that 'I hand to find a religion... to measure my evil against.' Books and Writers
C. S. Lewis
Malcolm Muggeridge
Why I Am Becoming A Catholic Malcolm Muggeridge
Malcolm Muggeridge's Conversion Story
Catholic Converts British and American Intellectuals Turn to Rome By Patrick Allitt The New York Times
Evelyn Waugh a novelist who aspired to be a real, proper Catholic By Tracy Dowling - Catholic Standard
St. Evelyn Waugh Waugh chose a place in what he regarded as the front trench of the cultural battle-line: rejecting both the comfortable agnosticism of his literary and social friends and the vestigial Anglicanism of his parents, he entered the Roman Catholic Church on September 29, 1930, under the spiritual direction of the legendary English Jesuit, Martin D'Arcy. As Father D'Arcy himself would note, Waugh's was a singular conversion: First things
Guinness experienced dramatic conversion  "Sir Alec Guinness converted in an era when a spiritual lightning bolt crackled through British intellectual life - affecting the faith and work of Chesterton, T.S. Eliot, Evelyn Waugh, C.S. Lewis, Dorothy L. Sayers, J.R.R. Tolkien, Graham Greene, Malcolm Muggeridge and many others. "It would be wrong to try to see Alec Guinness in isolation," said Pearce, whose book covers the period and drew a letter of gratitude from the actor. "But Guinness was not as outspoken as some others. He did not wear his faith on his sleeve, like a Chesterton. He was not an evangelist ... But his faith did affect his life and his work."
The Hilaire Belloc Web Page
Sigrid Undset (1882-1949) In 1924 she converted to the Roman Catholic faith. In her later novels, such as  religion plays an important role. Her own religious developed is reflected from 1929, The Wild Orchid, 1930, The Burning Bush, and 1936, The Faithful Wife. Books and Writers
THE SCOTT HAHN CONVERSION STORY: Protestant Minister Becomes Catholic Scott Hahn
Ronald Knox's Conversion Story (ed. Dave Armstrong) 
Personal Testimonies -Journeys Home: a former Presbyterian pastor
Becoming a Catholic: Taking the First Step (Daniel L. Mode)
The Great Converts: Biographies of famous (and lesser known) people who were seeking the meaning of life, and ended up joining the Catholic Church.
Lutheran Pastor Leaving to Be a Catholic Priest He decided to join the Catholic Church when the Reformed Church in France decided to give communion to unbaptized people. ZENIT
Jewish Journalist Converts to CatholicismWhile the baptism took place in early afternoon in the Church of “Madonna del Miracolo”, later on the journalist attended Mass in San Gregorio dei Muratori (St. Gregory of the Bricklayers), where he received his confirmation and first holy communion. Joseph D'Agostino is the assistant editor of America's oldest political weekly "Human Events", based in Washington DC. Views from Rome

Articles and resources related to conversion

G.K. Chesterton:the "Colossal Genius"
The Coming Home Network International
Online Convert Testimonies At the Gate of Bliss
Online Works by Converts At the Gate of Bliss
Books, Bibliographies, and Printed Convert Literature At the Gate of Bliss
Convert-Related WWW Pages  At the Gate of Bliss
Quotations on Conversion Page  At the Gate of Bliss
Convert-Support Organizations At the Gate of Bliss
Anglican-Use Catholic Sites At the Gate of Bliss
Conversion in the New Testament At the Gate of Bliss
Catholic Convert Literature At the Gate of Bliss
How to become a Catholic by James Akin
When to Become a Catholic (James Akin)
How to Become a Catholic Catholic Answers


(1) The Pillars of Unbelief - Machiavelli by Peter Kreeft  - CERC
(2) The Pillars of Unbelief - Nietzsche by Peter Kreeft  - CERC
(3) The Pillars of Unbelief - Karl Marx by Peter Kreeft  - CERC
(4) The Pillars of Unbelief - Kant by Peter Kreeft  - CERC  
(5) The Pillars of Unbelief - Freud by Peter Kreeft - CERC  
(6) The Pillars of Unbelief - Sartre by Peter Kreeft  - CERC  
True and False Humanism by James Hitchcock  - CERC  

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